Katherine Pritchard

press quotes

"Pritchard is living proof that craft and passion are not mutually exclusive. Her songs and performances are flawless gems that move the heart as well as the mind."-Fred Geobold, "Lightshow," WBAI-FM Radio, New York City

"Melancholic and wise original songs."-Time Out New York

"Electric ... a female reminiscent of Leonard Cohen in scope and spectrum."- Bennet Pomerantz, Audioworld

"Great songs! Great performance! Great radio!"-Irwin Gonshak, Producer, "Anything Goes," WNYE-FM Radio, New York City

"She is exposed, offering insight into her songs, her life and her desires ... witty, introspective musical offerings."-Lisa Fairbanks, Rhythm and News Magazine

"A simply astonishing performer - powerful original music with both heart and gut-wrenching lyrics. I was totally unprepared for what I saw and heard."-Marvin Kaye, Artistic Director, Open Book Theater Company (NYC)

"Pritchard offers a wonderful range of sounds and subject matter that reflect the best instincts of modern folk."-Patrick Walsh, Peekskill Herald

"Pritchard's sensuous music brings to mind the dimly lit cafes of a bygone time."- Westchester County Weekly