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Bathed in Light
Come Here
Song of Song
I'm Not Clear


Tentative Love Sonnet

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Bathed in Light

Eleven years ago
I floated down from Mars
Stopped in to say Hello
Remind you of some tales of woe
I took my leave again
See ya around, like but who knows when
And I kept out of sight
While you, your name, were bathed in light
Bathed in light
Like the sun on a cool crispy day
   we spent in Manhattan
Bathed in light
Like your warmth one summer's day
   made my skin feel like satin
Up in lights, where I can see you
But you can't see me
There you are
Bathed in the light of celebrity ....


When the weather is a gonad
And I think I'm going to go mad
Thick testosterone is rising
I fear gonadectomizing
When the weather is my lover
Bended beauty of a childhood
What the weather covers over
Infestations in the wormwood
And the insects will render you
And the rejects will larder you
He who genuflects will barter you
Until he's blue
Until you're glue ....

Come Here

Where were you?
You aren't here
Thus, I have always
Lived in fear
But I don't mind
Oh yes I do
If you weren't gone
Then we'd be through
Praise me
Raise me
Enfold me
Behold me ...


On this planet
You can can it
You can wax it
Relax it
You can even modem fax it,
But it's all spermatozoa to me
You can feel it
You can deal it
You can peal it
Or conceal it
You can even carbon steel it
But it's all spermatozoa to me
Oh I do not know
If I'm coming or going
Getting high
Getting by
Getting pissed as can be
All I can tell you
From the things that I see
It's all spermatozoa to me ....

Song of Song

I do not know you
But I have seen you
I have dreamed of you
I have heard your voice
I have heard tell of you
Felt the groundswell of you
Tasted of your morning dew
And cried in the night
For a love that was true

The angels speak your name to me
Time moves on, but for how long
Are you just my fantasy?
Can you hear my song of song?
Can you hear my song of song?

I'm Not Clear

Sexual favors
I favor you
Call me, don't call me
What should I do
Listen here
Listen, dear
Shall we work this thing through
But what is it we're working
I'm not clear

Your mother left you
My dad did the same
Now we're together
Each taking some blame
You get angry, I feel fear
Does that give us the right
To act without kindness
I'm not clear ....

Tentative Love Sonnet

I sit, reflecting upon my future
At home, I watch TV and order out
I think, could my cat be any cuter?
I'm sad, I still don't know what life's about
I rise, in the morning, you beside me
You stir, I take a shower, fix my hair
We fight, or laugh, until the pain's set free
We cry, make jokes, whatever works seems fair
If this is darkness, it is often light
And if uncertainty, some things are clear
If you are not for me, oh what I've had
And if this isn't love, it's not so bad